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Psychosexual Therapy and Relationship Therapy


Sexual wellbeing is for many a crucial aspect of our overall well-being, yet navigating the complexities of sexual health and pleasure can be intricate. I specialise in psychosexual therapy, offering a safe and confidential space to address concerns, enhance understanding, and work towards a joyful sexual life, whatever that may mean for you.

Tailored Solutions for Your Sexual Journey

I take an integrative, personalised and holistic approach to psychosexual therapy, acknowledging that each individual's relationship with sex and intimacy is unique. Drawing from a depth of expertise and utilising evidence-based therapeutic techniques, I work collaboratively with clients to explore and address the root causes of sexual challenges.

 Ares of expertise:

  • Questioning and/or exploring sexuality

  • Challenges with desire and loss of arousal

  • Erectile or ejaculation challenges

  • Penetration difficulties

  • Painful sex, vaginismus and dyspareunia

  • Sexual abuse or assault

  • Chemsex

  • Compulsive sexual behaviours and Pornography issues

  • Sex aversion or phobias 

  • Infrequent sex

  • Fears around sexual experience/ Education

  • Gender dysphoria or issues relating to gender

  • Communication of sexual wants and needs

I strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space to explore and work through whatever sexual concerns or challenges you may be facing. I work alongside you to develop an understanding of the issues and work towards improving your sexual functioning, satisfaction and wellbeing. As psychosexual therapy is a talking therapy, we will likely discuss some exercises that you can complete outside of session in your own time to complement the work. My aim is to empower you to reach your desired outcomes and improve your overall wellbeing.

Psychosexual therapy gives you the place to talk about your sexual self without fear of judgement or shame. I work in a sex positive integrative way, ensuring an understanding and exploration of the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of the sexual issue you may be facing. 

I practice as an affirmative and inclusive therapist, which means that I work with all gender identities, sexual orientations, sexualities and relationship constellations. 

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