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"Life changing"

Where to start... I can quite simply say working with Skye has been life changing. The impact that working with her has had for my partner and I has been monumental. From addressing communication through to an improved sex life, the changes to our life from coming to therapy has been wide ranging. we can't thank her enough and would highly recommend her (we've already passed on her details to a number of our friends!)

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Client testimonial

I worked with Skye for nearly six years, and I can confidently say it had a significant impact on my life. I had seen other therapists before and couldn’t understand why some people found therapy hard. It wasn’t until Skye that I truly understood what a challenging journey therapy can be.

It was the first time I really processed my trauma and all the emotions that came with it. It was incredibly painful, but it also brought a lot of relief on the other side. It allowed me to make some big strides in various parts of my life, like handling my emotions better and dealing with uncertainty more effectively.

Our six years together were incredibly valuable, and put me in a position where I felt ready to take on life’s challenges on my own. I’m incredibly grateful to Skye and would recommend her to anyone looking for a brilliant therapist.

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"Your training has reminded me of the beauty in humanity and human connection and interaction from a genuine place where UPR, empathy and congruence is present. It is such a beautiful thing and the skills we have learnt and insights we have gained for ourselves and others is a true credit to your mind, academic and presentation skills, insight, passion, dedication and commitment to your passion and the profession. I think i speak for many of us when I say thank you for inspiring us all"



"Fantastic workshop with great facilitators. I will use a number of the strategies discussed for both myself and in supporting my team at work in relation to their own wellbeing. Thank you Skye and team!"




"A very educative and interesting to understand the hidden sides of anxiety.The facilitators were excellent in the presentation and provision of adequate resources. Many thanks!"

I found Skye’s mentorship to be invaluable. As a trainee therapist, I had so many questions that weren't answered in my trainings and somehow never quite made it into supervision. Skye offered me a safe space to discuss a huge range of topics, from individual interventions and casework, to running my own private practice and how to chose the best governing body for me. Everything I brought was met with patience, encouragement, and just the right level of challenge.


Skye’s kindness, expertise, and heart-led dedication have played a crucial role in my professional development as a therapist. I can’t thank her enough or recommend her highly enough! 

Mentee 2022-2023

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